2017-2018 Enrichment Grants

The Newport Public Education Foundation has announced its 2017-2018 grant awards, totaling $21,000. All grant awards support an aspect of the recently adopted Newport Public Schools strategic plan, and awards and projects span all grade levels from kindergarten through 12th grade.

The following projects have received funding:

Claiborne Pell Elementary School

  • An Open Circle training grant was awarded to Mary Sheehan to implement train-the-trainer Open Circle training for the Pell teaching staff. After this school year, two-thirds of the Pell staff will be trained in this social-emotional learning curriculum, which supports the district’s strategic goal of social-emotional learning and improving school climate.
  • First-grade students will gain an understanding of where their food comes from, witness firsthand the life cycle of plants and learn valuable hands-on horticultural skills with the Grade 1 Gardens, submitted by Aaron Sherman on behalf of the first-grade teachers.
  • Second-graders in Jennifer Conheeny’s class will soon be doing their word work, math work and writing on new dry erase individual marker boards.
  • Jennifer Hole, last year’s Save the Bay Educator of the Year, continues to expose her third-graders to new experiences, both in class by Save the Bay educators and out of class at the Save the Bay Exploration Center at Easton’s Beach.
  • Colleen Crotteau and Claire Mey are tackling the increased English Language Learner needs with the creation of an ELL lending library, featuring a variety of resources for classroom teachers to use to make content comprehensible for English Language Learners in the general education setting.
  • NPEF continues to support the Gingerbread Man Around the World project. In its fifth year, this program uses the story of the gingerbread man, based on texts from around the world, to unite the students in understanding a common story. The most exciting part of the project is the collaboration with the Newport Area Career and Technical Center culinary arts program, which provides gingerbread man cookies, frostings and decorations for a cookie decorating experience.
  • Under the guidance of Kathleen Bradley, fourth-graders run the Rotate and Donate Bookstore for the entire Pell community to promote reading and to aid in the district’s read by grade three initiative. A new cart for the bookstore will replace shelves that are leftovers from closed schools. Students learn a variety of life skills during the process of accepting donated books, pricing boos, stocking shelves, creating flyers to sell books and selling books.

Frank E. Thompson Middle School

  • Band director Donald Chilton and Mark McKenna, working with First Works, have secured discounted tickets to a Chick Corea and Steven Gadd concert at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium. NPEF will sponsor the bus transportation for this field trip.
  • Elizabeth Gibbs’ seventh-grade science students will explore ecosystems and animal lifecycles at Casey Farm and Norman Bird Sanctuary. Before traveling and visiting Casey Farm, students in Taylor Rock’s class will track the development of chickens from embryo to chick with Project Chick.

William S. Rogers High School

  • Norman Bird Sanctuary ecosystems. This is Scott Dickison’s third year working with the Norman Bird Sanctuary and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, focusing on sandy shore, rocky shore, stream and pond ecosystems.
  • Rogers High School needs a social-emotional program that meets the unique needs of high school students. The One Circle Foundation has developed evidenced-based curriculum to use with teens and young adults. RHS social worker Nicole Silvia has been trained in the use of the Girls Circle curriculum and has been running girls’ groups for several years. Once Nicole has received training in January, materials would be purchased and boys’ groups would be implemented and continue through the end of the school year.

Newport Restoration Foundation

  • Rough Point Art Education Collaboration. Now in its 10th year, this collaboration between Newport Public Schools art programs (grades 4, 8 and high school) is an example of the One Newport theme of the strategic plan. Working around the season’s theme for Rough Point, Newport art educators invite Newport Restoration Foundation staff into the classroom to present lessons in the classroom, and students create art based on the theme. Student art is displayed at Rough Point as part of the museum’s exhibit.